Decorative Plaque - Mears Fretwork
Decorative Plaque - Mears Fretwork
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Product Description

Decorative Plaque - Mears Fretwork
The Mears Fretwork Plaque is a lovely sample of artwork!

The Standard Plaque is perfectly suited for the average home! In addition to the wall mount it is also available as a lawn mount that comes with two 18" lawn stakes. The One line version holds up to five 4" numbers. The two line version,line one holds up to five 3" numbers and line two holds up to fourteen 1.25" characters. The plaque is 17.5" x 11" x 0.05".

Estate Plaques are proportioned for larger homes and increased visibility across expansive yards. In addition to wall mount, this plaque also comes with a lawn mounting option - two 18" lawn stakes. The one line version holds up to five 5.5" numbers. The two line version, line one holds up to five 4" numbers and line two holds up to seventeen 1.75" characters. The plaque is 24" x 14" x 0.05".

Ships directely from the manufacturer. No gift wrapping available.

This plaque is only available in colors BG, AC, OG

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