Traditional Architectural Plaques
Each plaque is crafted from rust-free recycled aluminum. Paints have been specially formulated and weather tested to withstand the harshest elements. Many of the plaques are designed to provide maximum visibility to meet local 911 emergency standards.

Architectural Arch Marker-Standard 15.75" x 9.25 "
Standard Plaques are perfectly suited for the average home!
Architectural Arch Marker Estate- 23.25" x 14"
Estate Plaques are proportioned for larger homes with expansive yards!
Architectural  Arch Marker - Petite 8" x 4.75"
Petite plaques are ideal for smaller areas!
Arch Extension
One Line Extensions!
Two-sided Arch Marker
Two-sided Arch Marker!
Architectural Plaques-Admiral in Petite, Standard & Estate
The stately Admiral design architectural plaque!
Architectural Plaque - Cape Charles in Petite, Standard & Estate
Handsome Cape Charles Architectural Plaque!
Architectural Plaque - Double Line
Handsome Double Line Architectural Plaque!
Architectural Plaque - Egg and Dart
Handsome Egg and Dart Architectural Plaque!
Architectural Plaques - Florence
The elegance and charm of Italy with the Florence Architectural Plaque!
Architectural Plaque - Hampton
The very stately Hampton Standard Plaque!
Architectural Plaque - Hartford in Petite, Standard & Estate
Handsome Hartford Architectural Plaque!
Architectural Plaque - Roanoke in Petite, Standard & Estate
The handsome Roanoke Architectural Plaque!
Architectural Plaque - Richmond Horizontal
The handsome Richmond Horizontal Architectural Plaque!
Architectural Plaque - Round
Distinctive Round Architectural Plaque!
Architectural Plaque - Square in Petite, Standard & Estate
Distinctive Square Architectural Plaque!
Architectural Plaques - Versailles
French grandeur with the Versailles Architectural Plaque!
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